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A Perth Foodie's Adventures in Hong Kong

"Tell me what you eat and I'll tell you who you are" - Brillat-Savarin

Donovan Brothers Pure 80% Cocoa Dark Chocolate
My name is Jean, and I am a chocoholic. Yes, I have a chocolate addiction and I confess to eating dark chocolates everyday, but no, I don't think I have a problem and I am certainly not about to kick that habit. Especially since there are so many types of good quality (read: expensive) chocolates available in Hong Kong, all waiting for my hungry tastebuds and tummy! I remember how excited we were when we saw the beautiful range of dark chocolates in New York, and it's a similar situation in HK. We have already tried quite a number of the high-end dark chocolates on the supermarket shelves since moving to HK a few months ago, and some were good but most were not up to our liking. As a general rule, I avoid buying German brands because they haven't been that great. I do try to be responsible and buy free trade and organic, but unfortunately I haven't liked them as much as I wanted (for example, the Theo brand 85% dark chocolate had a rather obnoxious flavour that just didn't agree with my tastebuds). Rob mentioned recently that I ought to take note of the ones we like, just like how I used to when I first added a chocolate tag to my journal. Better late than never, right?

Our favourite choccie of the moment is the Donovan Brothers Pure 80% dark chocolate from New Zealand. This was a bit of a surprise because I didn't expect it to be as good as the European chocolates, and I was taking a chance on a rather large 210g bar - what if we didn't like it? We loved it - very smooth, and it wasn't as bitter as I'd expected for a chocolate containing 80% cacao. There are no additives, no preservatives, and no added flavours - just cocoa liquor, cocoa butter and sugar. I like!